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Keep Your Heels, Head and Standards high!

Coco Chanel

The FashNet Award will recognise and honour innovative fashion artists who are emerging as true creative forces in fashion and entertainment in their communities. It is a recognition award aimed at encouraging innovative creative fashion minds at the beginning of their careers, promoting them in their field of talent and enhancing their visibility and business awareness to potential buyers, consumers and talent scouts. The Nominations for the 2017 Award is open and you are invited to nominate yourself or any fashion Artist of your choice in one or more of the following categories:

  • emerging Fashion Designer of the year (male/female)
  • emerging Fashion Model of the year (male/female)
  • emerging Make-Up Artist of the year (male/female)
  • emerging Fashion Photographer of the year (male/female)
  • emerging Fashion Forward Entertainer of the year (male/female)

The FashNet Awards season consists of three phases, Nominations, Voting and the Ceremony.


The first phase "nominate" will launch February 1st. FashNet believes in community involvement thus encourages everyone to voice their opinions by voting for their favorite fashion Artist. The nomination phase lasts until March 28th - long enough to ensure that as many people in the community have the opportunity to nominate.

Nominate here!


The second phase is voting. The Voting phase begins on April 1st 2017 as soon as the selected nominees per category have been announced and presented online. There will be a total of 3 nominees per category and the community will again be called upon to voice their opinion by voting for their favorite fashion artist.

The ceremony

The third phase is the groundbreaking award ceremony. It will be held May 12th 2017 during the FashNet runway show. It will be an unforgettable evening of red carpet fashion, live entertainment and of course, the Oscars-like ceremony in which the winners will be presented their awards and have the opportunity to thank their supporters on stage. It is sure to be an unforgettable evening of fashion, style and entertainment.