Rosie Lawrence – emerging Fashion Model 2017

I am a Motivating and Inspiring Model!

Rosie Lawrence

Rosie Lawrence is based in Dallas, Texas and will be gracing the FashNet 2017 Runway with her designs.

How long have you been active in your nominated field?

I have been active in my field off and on for 15yrs.

How would you describe yourself as fashion artist in relation to your nominated field, creativity or talent?

I am a Motivating and Inspiring Model

Have you ever participated in a fashion Runway Show before?

I have participated in many of the local Runway shows in Dallas, Texas.

Have you ever been nominated for an Award before? If so which one?

No, I have never been nominated for an award before this is such an honor and I'm extremely excited!!

What inspires and motivates you?

What inspires and motivates me is the willingness of seeing others be inspired by a comment, word of inspiration, or even just being an ear seeing one forgive themselves and from there begin again is the best experience on this planet.

What 4 Adjectives best describe your work?

Four words that describe my work is Classy, Sexy, mystery, and desired

What makes you the best candidate for this Award?

What makes me the best candidate for this award is that I know I'm not perfect yet I am determined to always do my best, never take things personal, always speak with truth, and always remember to show love for love is what the world needs so badly I see. Love allows new beginnings to flow and a bright lights to shine.

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