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Jiani Chen

FashNet Designer jiani_Chen

Jiani Chen has recently finished her Bachelor of Fine Arts in the University of North Texas (UNT). As a major in Fashion Design, she obtained skills in pattern making, draping and sewing construction with design concept and trend analysis. She is experienced in fashion illustration and flats and utilizing these skills can directly communicate with all audiences. Furthermore. She also completed a minor in Fashion Merchandising, which broadens her business vision.​

Zow Zow Boutique

FashNet Designer Shishi

Raised African American, born Zimbabwean owner Cheryl Khumalo-Ndam aka (ShiShi) is a recording artist inspired by fashion introduces bold colorful wax prints with elaborately patterns producing creativity to explore with style. With her background in fine arts and music ShiShi contrasts trendy pieces which will make your wardrobe fun and loud.

ShiShi is a Wife and mother of two who is successfully combining her love for fashion and culture. Every item in Zow Zow Boutique has been designed by ShiShi and tailored in Zimbabwe by Zimbabweans creating opportunity and creating jobs.

Coko Diamond

FashNet Designer Coko Diamond

Dressing women primarily in elegant, retro-inspired Jumpsuits and Afrolicious dresses Coko Diamond blends modern fabrics with lace, sequins and contemporary Afro-Prints to create designs that visibly transcend appearance and highlight the feminine persona. In her creations she seeks to help the fashion conscious woman to outwardly convey her personality and to radiate the way she feels. She has created an exclusive collection that seduces the romantic soul of a woman making the brand CoKo Diamond an indispensable luxury to every fashionable woman!​

Marcella Collection

FashNet Designer Marcella Jones-Penn

Marcella attended college in Buffalo, New York for Fashion Merchandising & Buying and became involved in various fashion organizations and groups to help promote and launch designers and theirs talents. At age 15 Marcella was presented with a Certificate of Recognition for Talent and Achievement; the following year she received a major recognition as the youngest designer in a world recognized fashion showcase. During this time Marcella was requested by fashion industry top professionals to study in Paris, France under the direction and tutelage of their fashion industry instructors; and in college she received an award for Buffalo’s Best Designer.

Marcella Jones-Penn is not only the designer of the women’s fashion brand Marcella Collection, but also the Executive Producer of Runway Dallas (a Fashion Production in Dallas, Texas)

K. Nicole

FashNet Designer Kenya Carter

Kenya Carter is an emerging and talented fashion designer who attended Clary Sage Fashion Design School in TULSA Oklahoma. She worked at the fashion week in New York and Miami as a Hair Stylist where she fell in love with the clothes on the runway. Her inspiration to creating the beautiful pieces in her collection is drawn from the outdoors, colors, texture, people and places. She has always loved to create and to design and desire is to make the women wearing her brand K. Nicole to feel beautiful.

Muks Mercy

FashNet Designer Mukwusu Mercy3

Mercy Ntsiih Mukwusu is a Cameroonian fashion designer based in Dubai - CEO and founder of Muks Mercy couture. She graduated in 2011 from Esmod Dubai French Fashion University. Through fashion she has found a medium for expressing herself and a resource for bridging the difference among people of other cultures. She is best known in Dubai for introducing the use of precious stones and embellishments to make the popular Cameroonian "Ndap' cloth. Her brand stands for sophisticated elegance and she is considered a designer "to watch" at this fashNet season.

Sharae Rogers

FashNet Designer Sharae Rogers

Sharae Rogers graduated from the University of North Texas' Fashion Design Program in 2014. She has since auditioned for Project Runway, season 13, moved to Minnesota & headed a dancewear design department, where she worked with sequins, spandex &  rhinestones galore! Once she got a taste of the Great White North winter, she promptly returned to Texas & has since started her fashion line, LolaRae, with one mission: help women + make beautiful clothes + save lives.

Dika Obiaju

FashNet Designer Dika Obiaju

Dika Obiaju was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. She graduated from the university of North Texas with a BFA in Fashion Design in May 2015. She launched her debut collection; Oh Let It Spring Forever in August 2016. Her brand focuses on ethically made clothes, yet stylish, modern, and affordable. She is mostly inspired by current affairs, modern architecture, and menswear. To her works, please visit: and to shop, please visit;

Nick Rose

FashNet Designer NickRose

Faith Diva

FashNet Designer Faith Diva

Tina believes that religious jewelry  and apparel doesn't have to be identified by the fact that you are wearing a cross or a prayer box. It is about what that piece represents to you spiritually.  Many of her designs are named after individuals in the Bible and every piece is delivered with a prayer and the story reflective of its name.

Faith Diva understands that a woman's fashion should reflect  her style and her image. Every woman has been blessed with a special purpose and gift and she should walk into her blessings with poise, grace and confidence.  All of us are Divine, Inspired, Victorious and Anointed.

Sebastian Cruz Couture

FashNet Designer SC

We set out to create not just a pocket square, but a brand inspired by our lifestyle. Our aim was to mix high fashion with function in the most artistic way possible. Details inspire our every day lives, so the details are what we set out to conquer. We believe in high quality materials imported from France, Italy, Egypt and Turkey and hand crafted here in the United States. We spare no expense when creating our limited quantity pieces. No detail is left out and that is what makes our brand of accessories stand out from the rest. To us, a pocket square isn’t just a pocket square; it is a piece to a very detailed high fashion puzzle that our clients wear to express their uniqueness, individuality and style. With Sebastian Cruz Couture, you are getting the utmost in value, quality and customer service. We provide only a limited amount of each style and design specifically to make sure our products always stay unique to our clients. You won’t see many people wearing the same pocket square or lapel flower, which gives a sense of authenticity to each piece we make. Our designs will constantly be changing to ensure and incorporate the new trends, mixed with timelessness and fashion.