Lenora Tatah – emerging Make-Up Artist 2017

"I am a flexible, "go-with-the-flow" type of makeup artist."

Lenora Tatah

Lenora is based Norman, Oklahoma and will be "glaming up" the FashNet 2017 Runway show with her graceful talent.

How long have you been active in your nominated field?

I have been in the makeup field for a little over a year now. Growing up, I was never the little girl who wore my mother's lipstick or high heels. Bicycles and video games were all I was interested in. In the summer of 2016 when I took no summer classes for the first time, I got bored doing nothing and decided to start experimenting with makeup just for the fun of it. I watched lots of youtube videos to get a hang of it, and I immediately fell in love.I even went ahead to create my own channel where I share makeup tips with my subscribers.

How would you describe yourself as fashion artist in relation to your nominated field, creativity or talent?

I am a flexible, "go-with-the-flow" type of makeup artist. I start with one idea that blossoms into a thousand more as I go on. I adjust to situations easily in an attempt to maximize my results.

Have you ever participated in a fashion Runway Show before?

Yes I have participated in a fashion Runway Show before, but as a model.

Have you ever been nominated for an Award before? If so which one?

No, I have not and I am proud to say this is my first.

What inspires and motivates you?

My inspiration and motivation comes from heaven and I thank the Lord Almighty everyday for blessing my hands to bless others. The satisfying look and change of personality when I do someone else's makeup warms every beat of my heart which is why I love to do what I do. My family is also my source of motivation and inspiration. They support me in every way they can especially my junior siblings and cousins who look up to me so much. It is my priority to never let them down. And my mom, she is my everything.
I am on a journey to show everybody around me that success can be achieved by taking several paths and not just what society sets as standard.

What 4 Adjectives best describe your work?


What makes you the best candidate for this Award?

I am your best candidate for this award because I am a young upcomingemerging Makeup artist who is on a mission of a thousand miles and needs to take that one step towards her goals. I am very ambitious and this will be a great exposure for me, towards my future projects. Five years from now, It will be a pleasure to look back at my humble beginnings and remember when I got my first award as Emerging Fashion Make-up Artist of 2017 from the prestigious FashNet. Even if I do not win and FashNet chooses to give the award to someone else, I trust their choice and will still be very proud to have been nominated in the first place.

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50 thoughts on “Lenora Tatah – emerging Make-Up Artist 2017”

  1. Lenora is absolutely amazing and there no doubt in my mind that she deserves this award. Anyone who makes the courageous decision to follow in their own path which deviates from society’s standard is as strong and capable as they come. So not only is she an amazing make-up artist;her work is beautiful and effortless; she has the amazing determination to follow through.

  2. Wish you all the best Lenore
    May it come through
    Stay blessed …keep the flag flying

  3. OK, I saw this coming since 2011, but I opted for silence and crossed fingers. Right now, I’m uncrossing those fingers and sending a vote. And must I break the silence, it will just be to pronounce the one name for this award; Lenora! Don’t ask me for a reason, she’s just the right person!

    1. OK, I saw this coming since 2011 (though she curiously only engaged her exploits in this field in 2016), but I opted for silence and crossed fingers. Right now, I’m uncrossing those fingers and sending a vote. And must I break the silence, it will just be to pronounce the one name for this award; Lenora! Don’t ask me for a reason, she’s just the right person!

  4. Just the fact that her inspiration comes from heaven, and that she loves her family so much, is heartwarming and shows she’s sincere with what she does. Deviating from what people consider as standard takes lot of creativity and courage, because that’s stepping into a different page from that on which people are, that’s having a different perception of how to attain a goal… I don’t know her much… But she’s an amazing makeup artist I admire… Flexible and beautiful… I encourage you.

  5. I am so proud of you Len. Follow your dreams and let the sky be your limit. Always ask the Lord for guidance and he will lead you to the right path. Keep up girl.

  6. Do you need a flawless make-up, Len will do it for you. She is very creative and knows how to make you feel beautiful. Len the good God will cont. to Bless and Empower you as you embarked on this journey IJN. Amen

  7. Awwww sis u deserve this and i strongly believe u have already won . the sky is your limit ohhhhhh nd may the Almighty continue to guide you and show you the right path….we are strongly behind you sis….keep up sis we love you…..

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