Fade Eros – Uprising Fashion MUA 2018

"I am an adventurist. I love challenges. They inspire me to expand and push the envelope on my craft and Art."

-------Fade Eros ------

Fade is based in Dallas, Texas

How long have you been active in your nominated field?

I have been an active makeup artist going on three years.

How would you describe yourself as a fashion artist in relation to your nominated field, creativity or talent?

I am an Adventurist! I love challenges. They inspire me to expand and push the envelope on my craft and Art.

Have you ever participated in a fashion Runway Show before?

Not yet, but I am up for the challenge!

Have you ever been nominated for an Award before? If so which one?

This is my First one and I am so honored

What inspires and motivates you?

The Art! The Expression! The people!

What 4 Adjectives best describe your work?

Clean, Colorful, Classy, Enhancing

What makes you the best candidate for this Award?

I am so honored to be nominated in the first place. That being said, I believe that I imbibe everything that FashNet as an organization stands for. I am a budding artist that finds solace in my work. It is my escape and my happy place. I love to challenge myself and have it reflect in my art. These feelings fuel my ambition to be the best artist I can be

223 thoughts on “Fade Eros – Uprising Fashion MUA 2018”

  1. Multi-talented with a keen eye for beauty. Above all that the biggest satisfaction for her is the smile and joy her work puts on her clients faces.

  2. She did my makeup for my traditional wedding and it was truly a blessing! She not only made me look fabulous; she brought a ray of sunshine to my wedding with her warm smile and kind words.

  3. You either know your art or you don’t and Fade is an amazing make up artist, a maestro in her own right. Make up artistry is something that comes from within you and Fade has that something to make you look your best. She did my make last Sunday for a wedding and everyone commented on how fab I looked! Thanks girlfriend 🙌🏾

  4. Fade is a true professional, highly talented with finesse. She genuinely cares about the outcome of all her creative work. Fabulous and awesome…

  5. Fade Eros stands the chance of wining ..she’s got all what it takes to win ,beautiful ,elegant ,brilliant and full of great ambition in life ..I am voting her ..thanks ..

  6. She is the bestest!!! She did my traditional makeup, bridal shower and baby shower and does my makeup for events as well! She takes her time to make you beautiful…I just love her!

  7. She is a daughter of a man whose Strength of Character is not in doubt.It runs in the FAMILY.I endorse her.

  8. Fade is the artist of the moment. Brings abstract into reality. Creatively Gifted. I will chose her over and over again.

  9. I truly believe that Fade has what it takes to be a great makeup artist. Keep smiling and keep shinning for the sky is the limit.

  10. She is hard working and Intelligent. She made a bride for me on referral and it was amazing. I love her smile and creativity. Very alluring

  11. Fade has an Excellent personality, and very professional in her attitude. I’ll definitely be using her service again and again..

  12. Fade’s talented and blessed with Artistic genes (which she doesn’t take for granted, but hones).
    Stratospheric Dimensions, daughter!

  13. Fade did the make up for my wedding. I looked resplendent. Her simple, deft touches brought a glow to me akin to a garden of chrysanthemums. And she kept me at ease with her soothing and genial personality

  14. This work isnt to be underestimated, this skill is an art form in itself. Fade does this with the most ease and makes it look easy when its not.. good luck Fade..

  15. Fade is heartwarming, fun to be around and so passionate! You can see it while sitting on that chair. It’s overwhelming and inspiring. Not to mention the fact that she also loves what she does so much that she is willing to teach while working on your face. I swear my own personal makeup skills have improved just by getting my makeup done with her. She’s selfless, forever helpful, artistic, and always willing to go above and beyond.

  16. Fade does her job with the calm a nursing mother gives to a few days old baby. Her dedication, zeal and smile are ever more so reassuring of a job well done prior to the commencement of a session with her.

    Gifted are , Her Hands!

  17. Fade is hard working, talented and relentless. I believe this is just the beginning, the sky is the limit my dear. Best of luck.

  18. Fade will always give you a very attractive looking.no matter how ruff your face look like,she will definitely change it to natural clean face.keep moving we always behind you.

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