Daryl Anassi – emerging Fashion Forward Photographer 2017

“Every time I shoot, I believe in one thing: TO MAKE MEMORIES. because for me it is not just about taking the pictures but more of making a fun time with my customers so when they look at the pictures they will remember forever the good time we had while shooting. ”

Daryl Anassi

Ephraim Photography

What makes Daryl the best candidate for this Award?

My name is Daryl Anassi, I was born in Ivory Coast West Africa. I Moved to the United States on February 02nd of 2009. Growing up I never though of doing Photography. It was a Vision that turned today into a Passion. Now today, I can go a day without thinking about my Passion. It all started, about 4 years ago when one day I cried out to God because I was tired of living paycheck to paycheck and asked him to give a vision. So one night, He revealed that vision to me in my dream. He told me to go on Google and look for easy business to own and I did like He asked me to. First thing that showed on my search was photography. While reading through the search, the minimum expense required to start was about $5k but you can start by investing about $1k to begin with. When I heard about the amounts I almost gave up because I didn't have that kind of money, but as believer I have to test my Faith. I got paid the following Friday, took my Paycheck to Target just to buy a camera. I knew I have bills to pay like car note, insurance, rent, credit cards but I decided to go ahead and buy the camera without looking back. I was scared to not be able to make it but as my God said " You look too much into your hurt so you lost sight of Me". So I that time I fully trusted him to show me the way and lead me to that vision. As of today I am a living testimony of His Faithfulness. I met an amazing mentor, Eveliz Tomety who never stoped to push me to live my passion. Because I am living that passion, I have met some wonderful and amazing people.

My passion for Photography took me places I would never imagine of. Every time I shoot, I believe in one thing " To Make Memories" because for me it is not just about taking the pictures but more of making a fun time with my customers so when they look at the pictures they will remember forever the good time we had while shooting. Getting this award will show that the hard work, the dedication, the passion I put into that new journey of Photography finally paid off. It was a meltdown and joy to my heart when I saw that I was nominated. I believe and trust that one day a piece of my work will be in a place where I never believe to be.

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9 thoughts on “Daryl Anassi – emerging Fashion Forward Photographer 2017”

  1. Daryl Anassi did an excellent job shooting my family. We had a great time and memories my wife and children will never forget, since it was our first family photos. I wouldn’t have picked anyone else to take those photos.

  2. Daryl Anassi is an excellent and amazing photographer. The first time I saw his work, I contacted and asked him to be our photographer on my wedding and engagement party. He did excellent work shooting us. Contact him and you will not be disappointed; he’s the best.

  3. Daryl is an amazing young man who won my trust. He’s outgoing, patient and caring. He loves everyone without judging and on top of all that he’s an great photographer. To me he’s the best and deserve this award!

  4. I have known Daryl for several years, and have observed his love for photography. He is a peoples’ person, very disciplined,enthusiastic,and a believer. Earlier this year I trusted Daryl to capture a very special moment of my life,when I was graduating from the School of Ministry. I had full confidence in Daryl’s photography skills based on his previous assignments,and by him being a person of his words. I was very pleased with the photos he took, and I would have no doubt to have him capture any other of my big events.May God continue to make him Shine.

  5. It’s really amazing to see what Daryl Anassi had accomplished so far to come to that point. I saw him grow up into this journey he is taking. I was one of the first person he ever shoot. and today when I see his work I am very pleased to have let him capture my family memories. with Him its not about rushing to take the picture but getting the details and the best shoot possible, and most of all the fun my family had with him are more memorable then anything. good luck to you Daryl and keep up the good work.

  6. Daryl’s work transpires the happiness he brings to people by making memorable moments become unforgettable. I had the pleasure to work with him during my wedding and I have to say that I truly enjoyed it. His dedication and serenity produces wonderful pictures. I wish you the best and that this reward becomes the first of many to come!

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